Caitlyn Hammond

Professional Camera Still Life

Creativity and Imagination

Photography bringing out the beauty and wonder in each image. 

Professional photography preserves some of life’s most precious moment.

The power to inspire.

The power for change.



A portrait photograph is a form of visual art that portrays a person or a group of people, capturing their likeness and personality.Wonders of Cait goes beyond just capturing their outward appearance. A well-executed portrait can convey various emotions, expressions, and characteristics of the subject, offering insights into their personality, mood, and even their life story.


Cosplay / Fansty 

Cosplay and fantasy photography are related art forms that often go hand in hand, portraying characters and scenes from various fictional worlds. Cosplay photography aims to capture these cosplayers in character, often in elaborately crafted costumes and settings that match the source material.

Fantasy photography, on the other hand, is a broader genre that involves creating scenes and narratives inspired by mythical creatures, fairy tales, folklore, or entirely fictional universes. It often incorporates elements of magic, surrealism, and imagination.

Still Life

 Still-life photograph at Wonders of Cait creates a visually captivating portrayal of carefully arranged inanimate objects. It serves as a means of artistic expression, storytelling, and contemplation, enticing viewers to appreciate the aesthetics, symbolism, and details of the ordinary items featured in the image.

The genre of still life photography focuses on capturing the beauty, aesthetic qualities, and symbolism of everyday objects.


At Wonders of Cait our videos create a dynamic and immersive form of visual storytelling that engages viewers through a combination of moving images, audio, and sometimes text or graphics. Videos have become an integral part of modern communication, entertainment, and education.

Our videos have the power to convey compelling narratives and stories. They evoke emotions, build suspense, and captivate audiences combining visuals, dialogue, music, and sound effects into to an artistic story .

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