Cosplay is a wonderful outlet for our creativity. It allows us to explore our ‘inner child.’ The child that found joy in the wonders of life.


All of us have a story to tell – a story that is unique and wonderful. A tale of self-expression. Finding the marvel of this beautiful hobby helps make dreams come true.

The Art of Cosplay

The art of embracing your imagination and bringing your favorite characters to life. Cosplay help people with their everyday life. This type of self-expression allows people to show their love for a series and fandom that is honestly beautiful. Outsiders may find it weird, but insiders call it home.

People who enjoy cosplaying do this for sheer love and spend hours becoming the character they could be. Hanging out with a community who share this passion is pure joy.

Cosplay photography has many of the same components as portrait photography but with a playful twist.

Create a Scene

Creating a perfect scene for the cosplayer that has harmonious image elements that make sense for the character. This means also paying close attention to your background. A great environment enhances your character’s personality.

Location Scouting

After a character is chosen, scouting the location is the next element. A thorough walk-through at a cosplay convention is a great starting point. Putting the character with many other characters behind the main character adds life and vibrancy to the scene. It is essential to note you may have little time or freedom to move your subject.

If you can scout the area before you get to capture the cosplayer.

Using Light

Understand the lighting for your subject. You can use natural lighting, but sometimes you need an off-camera flash to highlight your subject. Understanding where the light is and how it works helps set the character’s mood.

Having more shadows on your character makes them appear dark. Fewer shadows make the character feel bright. When you take pictures of a cosplayer, understand what theme works well and what lighting fits the theme.

Understanding different angles helps you tell your story through pictures.

Always take pictures from different angles. Don’t be afraid to take photos of the same pose more than once. You may capture an expression that brings out the emotion in the character.

Don’t be afraid to take extreme close-ups of the character. Don’t be afraid to lie on the ground to take a low shot or stand on something high for a tall photo of the character. This can help you find the right mood for the cosplayer you’re trying to bring to life.

Bringing Fantasy to Life

Being a cosplay photographer is an honor to take pictures of a cosplayer, and having the experience of working with different cosplayers with so much passion makes my day.

This is a small community, but it can be a lot of fun talking to new people and story to capture.

Each person has a story to tell, and that is important and makes that cosplayer so interesting. Finding the wonder of this beautiful hobby helps make dreams come true.

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