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Portrait photograph  can be one of the most challenging forms of photography to master. The main goal when doing portrait photography is to capture subject’s personality to show through.

With Portrait photography is isn’t just capture people but also animals or yourself. 

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The Art of Portrait Photography

Portrait photograph creates a visual representation of people life style and emotion. There is a high level of thought and skill that goes into creating authentic fine art portrait images. Only a highly skilled photographer can do this well if he/she has a creative vision.  


There is a right way and wrong way when doing portrait photography but there some times when you can brake the rules to have a better pictures. Understand basic techniques help you learn. To stand out you have to thing of something that no body else will think about. 


Planning Ahead

Always plan on what you want to create in an image. Storyboard the image to determine where to place your subject. Are you planning around locations, the clothing or even the person life style.

This determine what you want your pictures to look. To capture your model. Planning head help you to understand the tiny detail of your subject. 

Understand the emotion created by your work. This process helps to know how things affect the more significant aspects of your project. 


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Pet Portraits

If you are dealing with a animal. Not all animals are photogenic you might only get 1 or 2 good ones or none at all. Understand what kind of animal you are dealing with. 

Pet photography is a great award if you like animals. 

Costumes and props are totally optional, of course, but they can add interest to your photos. always treat your animal who you wanted to be treated. 


Black and White Film Portraits

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